Merger with TentaMedix

As we have joined the Tentamus Lab group in 2019 we are now happy to announce that we have merged with TentaMedix in Karlsruhe.  Of course we offer our known scope of services in our new laboratory together with an extended scope of services under on roof in Karlsruhe.


Accredited biological test laboratory

We offer our customers a product and services portfolio which allows supporting your product development and product authorization in a highly efficient process. Therefore we attach great value to comprehensive person-to-person consultation, a high degree of customer orientation, high quality and flexibility.

Biological tests of medical devices according to the DIN EN ISO 10993 are one of the main preconditions for the medical device authorization process.

As an accredited laboratory we can offer you in-vitro testings of all medical devices. 

Is your medical device safe?
We will test you products or materials according to the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 10993-3,   Test for gentoxicity - details

  • DIN EN ISO 10993-4,   Test for interaction with blood (hemocompatibility) - details

  • DIN EN ISO 10993-5,   Test for in vitro-cytotoxicity- details

  • DIN EN ISO 10993-10, Test for in-vitro irritation  - details

  • OECD 442D, Test for in vitro skin sensitisation KeratinoSensTM

  • USP 40-NF35:2017,     Test for endotoxin-mediated pyrogenetiy  - details

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